Buying a House


In the past, conveyancing solicitors have traditionally charged for conveyancing work on an hourly basis – anything from £100 per hour upwards. Not surprisingly this allows conveyancing bills to escalate out of control especially when the transaction is protracted on there are unforeseen problems. This does not happen with fixed fee conveyancing.
Leasehold Properties
For example leasehold properties are notorious for having complications which can cause the transaction to take much longer than expected. If you are buying with a mortgage this is important because there is always a certain amount of legal work that needs to be done on your lender’s behalf (for example they need to check that the property is a sound financial investment in order to advance the mortgage monies).
Legal work for your Lender
If your lender does not approve of your choice of solicitor, your lender will instruct one a second one to act on their behalf (who is on their own approved panel). This will certainly be an extra cost that you have no control over (there are no set fee scales for these solicitors). What’s more, having two solicitors working on your transaction will almost certainly add to the time it takes to exchange contracts.
Fixed Fee Conveyancing Guarantee
A fixed fee conveyancing guarantee (as supplied by GetMeMoving lets you budget accurately every time. Even if your transaction runs into unexpected complications, you are financially protected against this eventuality. With a fixed price conveyancing firm from GetMeMoving, the initial fixed fee conveyancing quote will be the fee you will pay upon completion.
Beware of some other websites
Not all other conveyancing websites are the same.  Some quote low fees from £99 but then charge extra for many of the items listed above.  The final legal bill can often be more than double what was originally quoted for. The best way to combat this is to always insist upon a fully comprehensive quote in writing and make sure you read the full Terms and Conditions.  Part of our transparent service is to run through these with each client at the outset.